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English Department


ELA is an intensive course in reading and writing applications designed to enhance communication skills in the interpretation and expression of academic English.  Under the guidelines of the Reading/Language Arts Framework for California Public Schools, ELA course curriculum reflects expectations of academic competence related, but not limited to narration, explanation, argumentation, or informative description.  In addition, classroom activities promote collaborative engagement in both spoken and written academic discourse so as to stimulate and challenge your ability to think, speak, read, and write with critical acuity.

The focus of ELA involves the comprehension and application of techniques in the management of reading and writing strategies, wherein the ultimate goal is to proficiently demonstrate spoken academic English language conventions through various formal oral presentations, as well as written conventions through the composition of major essays and/or research papers. Each essay will include a minimum of 500 words. A research paper consists of no less than 1500 words. 

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