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Principal's Message

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Mr. Pope’s Principal's Message

Welcome to the Keema School for Independent Study!  I am delighted to be principal of this school which is focused on supporting students and their families from grades K through 12.
As a former teacher at Keema, and in my 6th year as principal, I know from first-hand experience that everyone on site is committed to providing the best possible education for your student.
At Keema, our students and their families are our priority.
As an independent study program, at Keema we work directly with parents and families to make sure that each student is making progress using our online curriculum programs.  We also provide many opportunities for parents and families to participate in the school, including as members of our School Site Council and English Learner Advisory Committee.  
I have an “Open Door” policy as principal and welcome your suggestions, concerns, and compliments.
Thank you for being a member of the Keema family; we look forward to working with you.
Robert Pope, Principal