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Keema School for Independent Study FAQs

What is Independent Study?
According to the California Department of Education: “The purpose of independent study is to provide an alternative education program and setting for students. Independent study programs are voluntary and use alternative instructional strategies that respond to individual student needs and learning styles.”
What is Keema School for Independent Study?
Keema School for Independent Study is an educational program in Twin Rivers USD that provides instruction based on curriculum aligned with California State Standards that is supported by interactions with certificated teachers. Keema School for Independent Study is a voluntary placement program.  
What do Keema students experience in Independent Study?
During their stay at Keema, students complete standards-based course work using an online curriculum program and meet weekly and/or daily with an assigned teacher. They must meet state independent study attendance requirements as outlined in Twin Rivers Unified School District Administrative Regulations and state law.  Student attendance is measured by the quantity and quality of work they submit weekly to their assigned instructor. Consistent attendance - based on work completed - is required for continued enrollment.
What are the grade levels at Keema?
Keema educates students at grades Kindergarten - 12.
How often do students at Keema go to school?
Keema K-8 students meet with their assigned teacher for one-to-one instruction for one hour per week. Additionally, students have the opportunity to spend extra time each day - during a specified time - for additional small group support and/or instruction.
Keema 9-12 students meet with their assigned teacher for one-to-one instruction for one hour per week. Additionally, students have the opportunity to take extra classes to make up needed credits or for enrichment in life skills and areas of interest.
Does Keema offer Special Education services?
Yes, Keema offers Special Education services and has certificated Special Education Teachers on staff.
Does Keema offer English Learner services?
Yes, Keema offers English Learner services. In addition to regular meetings with their assigned teacher, EL students are enrolled in a weekly course specific for support of English Learners.
Who are the teachers at Keema?                                                                           
All teachers at Keema are highly qualified and fully credentialed.
Can students from outside the Twin Rivers District enroll at Keema?
Yes, to enroll at Keema students must complete an interdistrict transfer. Families may begin the process through the TRUSD Student Services Department at the district office.
How do students enroll at Keema? 
Students currently enrolled in the Twin Rivers School District who wish to enroll at Keema begin the process with their counselor at their home school.
Can students transfer back to their home school in Twin Rivers?
Yes, Keema students interested in beginning the process of returning to their home school start by meeting with their Keema counselor. 
Does Keema offer a high school diploma? 
Yes, Keema offers a high school diploma for those students who complete the required coursework. This is the same diploma earned at the comprehensive high schools in Twin Rivers and throughout the State of California.
Where is Keema located?
Keema has four locations to better serve our community:             
Grades K-12                                                                             
Main Campus - North Avenue Site - 1281 North Avenue, Sacramento CA. 95838
Grades 7-12
Satellite: Foothill High School - 5000 McCloud Drive, Sacramento, CA 95842
Satellite: Highlands High School - 6601 Guthrie St., North Highlands, CA 95660
Satellite: Rio Linda site -  631 L St., Rio Linda, CA. 95673
Does Keema offer meals to students?
Yes, Keema offers daily breakfast and lunch to enrolled students between 9 AM and 2 PM.
How do I obtain a work permit as a Keema student?
Work permits may be obtained in person from the Counseling Department at the Main Campus - North Avenue site Monday through Friday between 9 AM and 2 PM. Work permits are only available in person. 
How do I obtain a copy of my Keema transcript?
Transcripts may be obtained in person Monday through Friday between 9 AM and 2 PM from our School Registrar at the North Avenue Site or by email at:
What are the COVID protocols in place for Keema? Are masks required? 
Currently masks are required for anyone on the Keema campuses. We continue to follow COVID guidelines from the district, county, and state.